Convinced Yet?

Act 1:3 After his suffering, he showed himself to these men and gave many convincing proofs that he was alive. He appeared to them over a period of forty days and spoke about the kingdom of God. (italics mine)

I found myself asking for another miracle this morning. There’s nothing wrong with that. God expects it, even likes us asking for them. It was how I asked, after I thought about it, that bothered me.

“Lord, would you just _______for me? If you hear me…if you’re interested in my situation, would you just ______.”

All I have to do is rummage through the archives of my life and I’ll find “many convincing proofs” that Jesus is alive. He cares. He’s shown up for me on so many occasions that I can't remember all of them. He’s paid bills, healed my body, and opened doors. He’s led me when I wasn’t even aware that I was being led, until I arrived at a blessed place. His unseen hand has been involved in my life so many times I have forgotten many of them.

Then I get this whiny attitude, like I’m not convinced. Actin’ like God's never given me a miracle before! Pitiful isn’t it?

Read Psalm 106. In forty-eight verses the writer gives a historal account of God saving Israel from impossible situations. Why is he taking time to do this? He certainly isn’t giving a history lesson. He’s reminding them of the “many convincing proofs” that God was alive and involved in their life.

And if He was, He is.

Are you facing another impossible situation today? First, read the Bible. Then think about all the times God came through for you in the past. Let your faith soar to new levels, knowing that He will come through again this time. He may do things differently this time around, but He will come through for you. It’s just what He does for His kids.

And after He does it yet again, you’ll have one more “convincing proof” that God is alive and well. And most importantly, that He cares about you!

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