Mercy: Father always welcomes a returning soul

He Restores is in the process of being republished by a major publisher. A few months ago I signed a contract with a literary agency in Oregon. Yesterday I received an email from the agent who is reading over the manuscript. I was taken back by her words. She writes, "Bill, your book is killing me! I found myself crying my eyes out while reading about God's mercy you describe in Chapter 3."

Wow. I do remember when I wrote this chapter how keenly aware I was of the presence of God's love and mercy.

As I started to write today's blog I thought about you. Maybe you have been rejected by the church, church leaders or just people in general because you don't measure up. If so, today's for you. The next two paragraphs are taken from He Restores. Let God restore you today. He really wants to. Take it from one who knows.

"Mercy eliminates the fear of rejection and brings hope. A cold man longs, even searches, for heat to warm his freezing body. As heat is to a freezing man, God’s mercy is to a fallen man. Someone has pointed out how strange it seems for a moth to be drawn to a flame. It can also be argued that it’s quite unusual for a sinning man to be drawn to One who has eyes like flames of fire (Rev. 1:14). Could it be that those eyes not only peer into the depths of our soul, but warm the soul as well? Mercy is God’s warmhearted compassion laid upon the cold heart of a fallen man.

"When we walk away from the Lord in an area of our life, we long to be embraced. As odd as it may seem, our continued running may be a cry for someone to stop us in our tracks. However, when we walk away from the Lord and His purposes we will never return to Him until we have a revelation of His great mercy for us. Mercy is the door of God’s heart left open for a returning soul."

(Taken from Chapter 3, "Have Mercy on Me" of He Restores: God's Plan to Restore Fallen Leaders by William Baldwin)

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