Chasing Flies

Matthew 10:25 – “…the head of the house has been called ‘Beelzebub’…”

[Beelzebub means: "Lord of the flies"]

I came to my office early today and really needed to spend some quality time with the Lord to prepare for Sunday. Instead, I’ve been chasing flies all morning. Not catching them, mind you, chasing them.

Now I’m looking at coffee and juice stains on the floor where I swatted and missed a fly, but managed to shake up the table and splatter coffee and juice everywhere. So far, great start to an intense prayer-time. Should’ve put those half-empty cups away.

Now I’m agitated—furious is more like it. It’s quiet on the outside, but on the inside I’m boiling! (Hold it…he’s on my leg now…) I hate flies—annoying creatures! What good are they anyway? Wait! I don’t want to know. I’m sure someone reading this blog KNOWS and can’t wait to email me the details. Please don’t.

As I was getting up from my chair (again) to zero in on one of the pests, I said to God, “There’s a word from You in all of this isn’t there? I mean, don't You have a spiritual lesson You’re trying to communicate to me through all this tension?”

As a matter of fact, there is a word from heaven in the midst of this moment of irritation and anguish. Here’s what I heard God say in my “quiet time” this morning—in this order.

1. “You’ve been chasing flies most of your life. The same little things that easily distracted you from your purpose thirty years ago, distracts you today. You need to do something about it so you can get on with what you’re called to do.”
Ouch! Okay.
2. “How’d the flies get into the building anyway? YOU left the door open yesterday. Remember? You loved sitting in the foyer of the building, writing, looking out across the trees with doors wide open on a beautiful autumn day. It was nice at the time, but YOU left the door open for the flies to enter.”
Yep. I let them come in and harass me. It was my doing. It was nice yesterday, but leaving the door open invited flies to come into my domain and mess me up today. Got it.
3. “If you’re going to fulfilled today’s purpose with peace, you’ll have to either ignore the flies or get rid of them. I suggest you get rid of them. Stop what you’re doing, roll up a magazine, and kill them!”
(At this point, I could ask God why he let Noah put two of them on the ark, but I’m just not going there right now.)
 Killing spiritual flies means I die to the issues, weaknesses, petty sins, whatever habitually distracts me from my purpose. Flesh and flies are very much alike. It’s flesh killin’ time and God just rolled up a magazine (His Word) and whacked the flies that still exist in my carnal nature. Of course, He whacks “in love”. He’s the only One who can whack a fly without knocking over the coffee and juice—if you know what I mean.
4. “From now on keep the door closed so the flies can’t enter and distract you.”
That’s clear enough. Most devilish distractions come because we let them in. They rarely blow the door down. The intruders come in at our invitation. Keep the door shut today and there will be peace tomorrow.
They called Jesus “Beelzebub”—The Lord of the flies! This title sure works for me today.

Keep your door shut. If you do, you'll keep the distractions out and keep your heart right.

I hope you learned something today, at my expense.

WHAM! I just killed the last fly. (Really, I did!)

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  1. thanks Bill,
    it is a reminder to me about the distractions that key me from my purpose!! i did learn from your experience with the flies!