Making Right Decisions

Abraham heard a voice telling him to pack up all he owned, his wife and children, and leave the country where he and his family had become so well-known and prosperous. The voice told him to strike out, leave it all, and He would be led to a place of promise. The voice was God’s.

What would Abraham do? Would he do the right thing, make the right decision? Common sense says you’re crazy to listen to voices and abandon your family and support group. What's more, it’s absurd to trade the comfort and notoriety you’ve known for a nomadic, wandering lifestyle you’re unsure of.

Despite the arguments, Abraham obeyed. What gave him the strength of will to obey such an outlandish command? Simply this: The fear of missing God’s promise for his future became greater than his fear of losing his certainty in the present. “All the peoples of the earth will be blessed through you…All the land that you see I will give to you and your offspring forever” (Gen. 12:3, 13:15). The potential in the promise far outweighed the predictability in the present.

The record states, “So Abram left” (Gen. 12:4). He left all and followed “the voice”, that nagging of the heart that would not go away. In spite of how foolish it appeared, Abraham stepped into his promise the moment he turned his back on what he was sure of and all that was stable up to this point in his life. Just remember, the miracles we enjoy telling about Abraham were on the other side of a right decision.

Following Jesus Christ means there are times when you must make decisions that demand you step out in faith and walk into the unknown. Sooner or later you will be faced with a similar challenge like Peter to step out of your boat and walk on water. Reason will tell you that no one in their right mind should attempt such a thing. But once you hear the inner voice say “Come,” you know you must, at least, try. Walking with the Lord, you’ll face a myriad of decisions. Sometimes the Lord’s voice will challenge you to make the right decision which may appear to be the most senseless and hardest thing to do at the time.

Abraham’s decision would affect his future. Furthermore, it would affect the future of his offspring and eventually, the whole world. Abraham’s decision to leave his comfort zone continues to have a profound effect on you and me thousands of years later. His example set the “bar of faith” so to speak, when it comes to following the Lord. The story proves that obeying God’s voice and making right decisions are very far reaching.

Abraham left. In his case, it was the irrational and hard thing, nonetheless, it was the right thing. But what if he had not?

Making the right decision today will open God’s promise for you tomorrow. Greater still, being obedient and making right decisions paves the way for everyone who will come after you.

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