The Sun will Rise

“As surely as the sun rises, he will appear...”    Hosea 6:3

Lately I’ve received quite a few calls from people who, in one way or another, need God to intervene in the difficult circumstances of their lives. They pray. And wait. And wait. And wait. For hours, days, some for months, have waited. There’s a cry for relief from personal trials. One laments the struggle over a troubled teenager, while another just needs God’s guidance. All are walking through a season of darkness that hovers over them like a cloud.  

Early this morning I sat on our deck reading the Bible and caught myself trying to read as an intruder, bit by bit, crept upon me. Finishing a chapter in Proverbs, I looked up to find the sun looking straight at me. Mr. Sun was full faced and happy, not caring at all that his rays of light infringed upon my space. A lot more light than I needed, I found myself peeping as I read, adjusting to its big arms reaching into my eyes.

Desperate prayers are answered much the same way. Slowly. You hardly notice God has shown up on the scene until you’re squinting from the brightness of his presence! The Lord coming in answered prayer is like a sunrise. We would rather have our prayers answered in soft drink machine fashion; drop in the currency (prayer) and out pops your order. God, however, is unhurried. And yet, He shows up and almost leisurely sheds light upon the dark paths we’re trudging through.

The sunrise this morning was awesome, but so was the sunrise yesterday and tomorrow’s will be just as glorious. Count on it.

Likewise, as surely as the sun will rise, “he will appear” upon the dark circumstance you’ve been praying over and telling him about. It may be slow, but it WILL be. Most likely, you’ll not even notice the hour he comes to your rescue. Suddenly, you will find yourself squinting as his Light progressively strikes a blow to the darkness you’ve fought against for so long. The darkness backs off at the same rate that you allow God to slip in. Darkness always gives way to the Dawn. Every time!

God’s presence is as faithful and sure as tomorrow’s sunrise. It’s a promise. Claim it! Hold on to it! Embrace it, because he WILL appear!

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